humility-symbol1There are indispensable values that make recovery work. But perhaps none so vital as the virtue of humility.

Part of my job here at this treatment and recovery center is to go to court with people in recovery and tell the judge how they’re doing. The hope is that if they’re doing all the right things, the judge will look favorably on them as they consider sentencing.

Often while I’m in the courtroom I see other cases being heard and the majority of cases are substance-related. On occasion there are those who go before the judge having done little to address their addiction. Maybe they checked a few boxes. If they don’t end up exiting through the backdoor in handcuffs (many do), I try to speak with them after the case. It pains me when I see people who remain defiant by refusing to see their need. It’s apparent to everyone else in the world but them. They want to “fight for their rights” but they don’t want to fight for their life. I know that the road will be long and hard for them. Denial and defiance never serves people well.

But those who get it understand that they aren’t coming from a position that affords them the luxury of pride and defiance. People “get it” when they embrace and display the virtue of humility. They welcome advice. They hunger for wisdom. And when they reach out they find success because humility is attractive and it has amazing benefits. It’s not a weakness. It’s a strength.

We don’t get to the beginning of recovery until we come to the end of ourselves. People who get it only ever do because they grasp humility. It’s a hinge upon which the great door of recovery swings. That door is always shut to arrogance and always open for humility. If I don’t get even the tiniest basics of humility, I should never expect to understand recovery. But if I do, then the sky’s the limit.

Humility will take you further than you ever thought imaginable. It’ll give you the best life ever.

Source: Impact Recovery