media1This IMPACTful video shows the domino effect of consequences from one poor decision.

media2IMPACT Media worked with teens in Columbia, MD to record, produce, direct, and edit their very own music video.

media3In addition to its prevention education programs, which benefits our communities at large, The Impact Society is committed to giving back to the community directly. The Park Heights Saints and its founder, Coach Garrick Williams, needed resources to make possible a program that keeps at-risk kids off the streets and on the playing fields. The IMPACT Society raised funds for the Saint’s equipment and uniforms. IMPACT Media created a compelling documentary, capturing the passion behind the program. As similar projects are in the works, we hope that these stories inspire everyone to make a difference.

IMPACT Recovery

impact recoveryA multi-faceted, media portal offering everything from a blog to a weekly broadcast talk show to one minute of daily wisdom in A Sober Trip Around the Sun (working title). At IMPACT Recovery, we see recovery as a lifelong adventure, a gift, and the relentless and vigilant pursuit of an amazing life of wonder, love, and meaning. But everything depends on how we respond to things now. Not what happened yesterday. Not speculation over tomorrow. So IMPACT Recovery has been created to be a resource for people who choose NOW — an adventurous lifestyle of recovery, getting beyond the tussle to stay clean and sober to enjoying all the benefits of a life of complete freedom from the chains and lies of any kind of addiction, hurt or hangup.

The Resurrection of Bruce Effingham, a full-length feature film.—In Progressbruce effingham

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