Right Turn-IMPACT - RehabHere is a letter we recently posted to social media regarding the kerfuffle surrounding our move into a new community in Eldersburg MD. There was a lot of misunderstanding about who we are and what rehab is and the move spawned some initial backlash due to rumours and misinformation. The following correspondence was met with an overwhelmingly positive response…

There’s an old saying that “A lie will make it halfway around the world before the truth even gets its boots on.” The sad thing is that social media makes this reality worse than it’s ever been. Misinformation is more pervasive than ever, and those who spread it, however intentioned, have the ultimate resource with social media.

I’m seeing some kerfuffle by a handful of people over Right Turn-IMPACT’s move to Eldersburg. It’s a rehab — a recovery center that provides treatment for people in recovery from substance abuse, and the overwhelming majority of our clients come here as a result of DUI.

I’m the Communications Director here.

It’s not really news that those facing alcoholism and addiction — people in rehab — are stigmatized as “losers” and a scourge to society. They are beat down mercilessly. They are judged and disparaged. It’s really difficult to see how they are treated and it makes their recovery all the more difficult.

Yet, 2/3s (two-thirds) of all American families are touched by alcoholism/addiction in some form or another. It’s very likely that even your family has been adversely affected. Maybe even you personally have. It’s not outside the realm of possibility.

I’m grateful that there are rehabs in our broken world that provide a solution so that these precious people and their families can be healed from these very difficult scars and restored to their place as assets to society.

I also understand why people have fears about treatment facilities in proximity.

And I also know that these fears are often unfounded.

Gov. Hogan has been to the Right Turn-IMPACT facilities and even invited my close friend Danny Brannon to speak at the Governor’s press conference about these issues. Perhaps you saw it on the news — the great cause of recovery getting great press from all the local news outlets.

Because we are highly respected in this field, we also recently taught area judges about treatment protocols at the Judicial Institute in Annapolis — we were invited to present to over 50 judges about efficacious treatment strategies. Our program has garnered statewide honor. And it’s appropriate that it has.

Right Turn-IMPACT is, in-fact, state-certified (yes, regulated), beloved by the courts, and by many in local government and even at the state level.

We comply with all laws.

The clients here (mostly due to DUI) consist of otherwise brilliant contributors to society. They come from all segments of the social strata — from lawyers and medical doctors to school teachers, plumbers, small business owners, administrative assistants, and construction workers. Alcoholism and/or addiction can be anyone’s problem.

No human is above addiction’s reach, no matter how successful, rich, educated, or “moral” people may think they are. Like it or not, rehab is a necessary reality.

People who have problems with substance abuse have the right to live anywhere in this country and Sykesville is no exception. The discrimination laws that protect them are in place for good reason.

So it’s okay to say all you want in this forum. I applaud the exercise of your First Amendment rights. I also am grateful for the right we have to exist peacefully here and there is no doubt in my mind that we are doing amazing things at Right Turn-IMPACT.

We will continue to do great work here and we have no fears about being forced out or pushed around.

It’s worth being misunderstood — even hated — because doing truly great things almost always involves push back.

In time you will see that we are great neighbors! The door is always open, feel free to visit anytime.

Have an amazing day.

Mark Scott

Source: Impact Recovery