PIE198196Looks like off-field issues for the Ravens aren’t over. Running Back Bernard Pierce was arrested and charged with DUI last night. He reportedly told the arresting officer, “Do you know what happened last time a Ravens player got a DUI? I’m getting cut tomorrow.” He was right. He was cut this afternoon.

Pierce, who ran for 1,334 yards over the last 3 seasons with 353 carries (3.8 yards per carry) and just 5 touchdowns, will hopefully take all the corrective steps to ensure that he’s eligible to run for some other NFL team this coming season. That is, if they have the tolerance to deal with yet another episode of NFL-lore off-field drama.

But here’s my point in writing today. Pierce knows that a RB has to run a lot of hard yards to get into the end zone. For him, 1,334 hard yards for just 5 TDs.

That’s the way early recovery is for for people coming fresh out of active addiction. It’s a long field and a lot of pressure with formidable NFL-level defenders looking to take you down — if not out — like cravings, triggers, or toxic people, places, and things.

But it’s possible. And a good Offensive Line as supporting cast and a great fullback helps. We could see that as recovery community — friends in recovery as the O-Line and a good sponsor or recovery coach as fullback.

We might think we can do this alone but we can’t. If we ever hope to make a habit of getting into the endzone, it’ll only ever be with the help of our fellows.         

Source: Impact Recovery