loveyouredge-marketingIt’s not just important. It’s more than special. It’s sacred. Your sobriety and/or clean date, the day you finally said no to substances and yes to recovery, is the most sacred day of your life.

The root word for significant is sign. Your big day is a sign to you and everyone else that the miracle of transformation has taken place. You went into the cocoon a caterpillar and came out a butterfly. You went in crawling and dying. You came out flying with exquisitely painted wings.

Everyone has a birthday, a great day indeed, but that wasn’t a day you chose. That wasn’t a day that you drew a line in the sand. While it was a day that made you, it wasn’t a day that made you great. Your sobriety/clean date made you and made you great.

When a birthday comes around, it marks another year older. Maybe wiser. But when your sobriety/clean date comes around it marks another year of courage, freedom, strength, and accomplishment.

Everyone reading this has a birthday. But not everyone reading this necessarily has a sobriety/clean date. It’s a date reserved for the brave ones. The bold ones. The great ones. So be proud of it. You earned it and no one can take it away from you. Except you. Your recovery is the one thing that no other person on the planet can strip away from you. Others may take your money, they may waste your time, they might wear you down with drama and unkind words, but they can never take your recovery from you.

So hold it dear.

This is your new life.

Source: Impact Recovery